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Personal Spendings

Personal Spendings is a fully automated web application to track your expenses and incomes. You do not need to download or install anything.

You can record all your financial activity and the application provides information to monitor your cashflow and balances. It works as an accounting system. You can record all your financial transactions (income, expenses, investments, transfers and more) moving money between your accounts (cash, bank accounts, credit cards, assets, investments or loans) and increasing or decreasing your balance accordingly.

To make tracking your financial activities easier, you can assign categories and subcategories along with other useful information to each transaction.


Personal Spendings helps you get all your personal finances under control. The simplest web application that allows you to categorize all your income and expense transactions, and manage all your assets and liabilities. It works seamlessly across devices and platforms.

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Your records will include lots of information that will allow deep analysis.

transaction date | transaction type | account | currency | category | subcategory | amount | reconciliation status | comments | tags

Entering transactions couldn't be easier. Just choose the category, amount and account in an intuitive transaction input form.

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Your transactions include a reconciliation status that allows to track your balances against your bank.

Monthly - or whenever you prefer - you can check your transactions against your bank statement and confirm your data.

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Personal Spendings lets you analyze your transactions and track your balances in real time. You can see trends and indicators and analyze your spendings by category. You can display many graphs and reports. You can download the information.

With many reports to choose from, the reports manager lets you run many reports at the same time. Reports will be built and can be displayed later, at any time.

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You can export all your records. You can manage different currencies and have automatic exchange rates. You can customize your categories and subcategories. You can record important notes to have reminders at a glance. You can see your records history using many custom filters. Many more tools to come...

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